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Pr Philippe JOURDAN / PROMISE CONSULTING, Keynote Speaker of the Trade Fair Makeup in Seoul, 13-14th March 2014.

Makeup In Seoul, Seoul, Makeup, CosmeticsThis is probably the most striking fact of this first edition of MakeUp in Seoul, “its mobilisation”! Each passing day brings evidence of a significant mobilisation from foreign exhibitors and even more so, of the Korean cosmetics industry, not to mention of course,visitors.
A mobilisation that far exceeds the mobilisation, yet already strong, that fuelled in their time MakeUp in Paris and MakeUp in New-York. At a similar date, MakeUp in Seoul proves that the challenge ofmaking this event THE big gathering in the Asian make-up industry,will not only be a success,but will also result in a genuine consensus. The press conference organised in December13 in Seoul onthe very venue of the future event mobilized many journalists. And the articles published this monthshow that this mobilization isgaining momentum. Check by yourself…
seoul> “MakeUp in Seoul, The very first global BtoB beauty exhibition will kick off on March, 13th & 14th at the Conrad Seoul Hotel in South Korea.”… 
> “The exhibition will be attended by more than 32 cosmetic companies specialized in make-up, manufacturing, packaging, Full-service, contract manufacturing, for the satisfaction of marketing, merchandising and R&D’s team coming from brands to distribution. 
> “International Make-up manufacturers will be gathered in South Korea for the first edition of MakeUp in Seoul in 2014, the BtoB make-up trade show.” 
seoul> “After the success of MakeUp in Paris in 2013 gathering 90 exhibiting companies and visited by 2,600 beauty specialists coming from brands and distribution. MakeUp in NewYork with more than 65 exhibitors attracted last year 1,860 visitors. The organizers from the French company Beauteam have decided to duplicate the same concept in Korea with MakeUp in Seoul. Various range of innovations and trends will be showcased”… 
seoul> “MakeUp in Seoul, have completed its booth booking in 4 months, with 32 different companies attending from 13 to 14 March 2014 at the Conrad Seoul Hotel”… 
> “MakeUp in Seoul, the BtoB exhibition, will take place on 2014 March 13 to 14 for the first time “…
Two days of make-up animations 
The sharp increase, in a few weeks’ time in the number of pre-registered visitors is also a proof. On 13 and 14 March next, following a concept that has already proven its worth in Paris and New York, MakeUp in Seoul will host, for its first edition, top level European and Korean make-up industry players. Two intense days of work but also of fun with the help of two prestigious make-up schools… 
seoul, soobinSUBIN ACADEMY 
The SUBIN ACADEMY is a total beauty specialist academy. The academy teaches make-up, beauty & wedding, body & art mask, fashion styling, nail art and hair design. The academy was first opened in 1989, and now has 3 branches located nationwide (Seoul, Busan and Gwangjoo). 
seoul, heraHERA ACADEMY 
The HERA ACADEMY is a make-up school, training future professional make-up artists. The academy is organized in collaboration with HERA, a cosmetic brand from Amore Pacific.




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Philippe Jourdan, HEC, professeur des universités. J'ai fondé en 2000 avec Valérie Jourdan le premier panel d'Internautes français dédiés aux études marketing en ligne. Depuis, notre équipe reste fidèle à notre engagement initial : renforcer le lien entre les belles marques et leurs clients, partout dans le Monde.

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