Acqua di Parma has teamed with fellow Italian heritage #brand #Aurora on a collection of #luxury pens [#acquadiparma]

As it celebrates its centennial, LVMH perfumery Acqua di Parma is reflecting on an Italian tradition—the art of handwriting.

The fragrance house has teamed with fellow Italian heritage brand Aurora on a collection of pens that reflect the Acqua di Parma codes in their manufacturing, materials and design. As handwriting is on the brink of going out of style, luxury houses have sought to revive the traditional communication form, saving and promoting their own heritage at the same time.

Writing history
Acqua di Parma was founded in 1916, just three years before Aurora’s establishment. According to the perfumer, Aurora was the first Italian fountain pen manufacturer, with a following today that consists largely of collectors and enthusiasts.

Aurora’s pens for Acqua di Parma come in fountain and ballpoint styles. The fountain pen has a 14-karat gold calligraphy nib and water-based ink, while the ball pen features oil-based ink.


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