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10 DECEMBER 2019

Invited to RT France’s JT to comment on V. Putin’s visit to France

On the occasion of the visit of the President of the Russian Federation, V. Putin to France for the Normandy-type summit, Philippe Jourdan was the guest of RT France’s JT to comment on the exclusive survey on Franco-Russian relations at the time of the sanctions Russia’s embargo on EU food products: find the interview on Twitter or Facebook. @vladimirpoutine @emmanuelmacron@RTenfrancais


03 AU 05 DECEMBER 2019

2019 edition of the Tunisia Digital Awards.

Proud and happy to present two exclusive conferences on the theme of consumer digital transformation: new behaviours, new requirements and new experiences, how to apprehend the consumer of the 21st Century?



The “Frog’s marketing” or how to get agile marketing to understand better the new consumer, awarded by Les Echos in 2019 as “one of the top 5 must-read books on customer’s experience”.

Philippe Jourdan, Valérie Jourdan, and Jean-Claude Pacitto co-wrote the book, “The Frog’s Marketing,” distinguished by the Echos (Business) among the “5 essays to read (absolutely) to maximize the customer experience.”



A conference on “Luxury and Millennials: a quest for meaning or narcissistic introspection” at the Digital Luxe Meeting.

Philippe Jourdan, a founding partner, gave a lecture before an audience of luxury and digital experts on the theme “Luxury and Millennials.” The opportunity to return to the results of an exclusive study on the quest for meaning in the world of luxury for Generation X and Y.

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A pioneer of online studies since 2000, Panel On The Web launches its new panelists’ website.

We are proud and happy to announce the launch of our new panelist site dedicated to our community of more than 150,000 panelists in France(and several million in the world). More ergonomic, simpler, more user-friendly, this site is designed to support our growth.



You don’t know which half of your media investments are made in vain. We have the answer!

Promise Consulting | Panel On The Web has developed a simple approach, adapted to all sectors to answer two key questions: 1- Which optimal allocation between offline and online, above-the-line, below-the-line, and other advertising media? 2- What is the contribution of each media (and their interaction) to my brand, and the development of my sales?

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Barometer “Luxury, Desirability & Exclusivity, China”: return on our event as part of Fashion Week in Paris.

Highly anticipated event and a few days before the start of Fashion Week in Paris, the presentation by Promise Consulting and Alliance Bernstein of the 2nd Barometer of Luxury Fashion Brands in China. After the first wave in 2015, the opportunity to take stock of new entrants, leavers, but especially to confirm the importance of Desirability and exclusivity of the brands as indicators of their marketing and financial performance.

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