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“We always have to say what we see. Above all, we must always, which is the most difficult, see what we see.” (Charles Péguy)

We have taken the position of always carrying out “ad hoc” studies that place the client and his problem at the heart of the process. Our models and methodologies remain flexible tools and will never be plated or imposed on our customers. They give you the guarantee of scientific expertise for unbiased, representative and standards-producing data (benchmark).

Learning from customers to innovate

  • Co-build the offer with your client(Role*blog – quali)
  • Meeting expectations(Expect*actions – quanti)
  • Revealing the motivations, deciphering the unconscious(Quali*fying – quali)
  • Learning from Influencers(Shift*system – hybrid)
  • Operationalize customer data(Data*lighting – quanti)

Optimizing your offer to stand out

  • Questioning one’s intuition(Liberty*web – quanti)
  • Perfecting its product and service offering(Opti*mizing – quanti)
  • Tracking Down Dissatisfaction(Web*satis – Quanti)
  • Successful product launch(Sales*scope – quali)

Maximizing the ROI of its brands

  • Increase brand value(Monitoring*brand assets – quanti)
  • To have a brand personality(Monitoring*brand identity – quanti)
  • Optimize your offline and online media budget(Ad*monitoring – quanti)
  • Successful product launch(Sales*scope – quali)
  • Seducing the customer in the age of “nudge”(Star*metrix – hybrid)

Search for commitment

  • Testing your communication(Ad*testing – quanti)
  • Improve your digital UX(Web*testing – quanti)
  • Engage your Website visitors (Web*profiling – quanti)
  • Optimize media and messages(Ad*mapping – hybrid)
  • Optimize contact points(Reach*trough media – quanti)
  • Optimize direct marketing and sampling(S*PSS – quanti)

Simplexity ©

Since January 1, 2019, our online studies in France and abroad are fully managed by our new platform, 100% mobile responsive and self-adaptive.

Depending on the medium used (fixed or laptop, smartphone, tablet), the format and unfolding of the questionnaire adapt to the constraints of the media (screen size, navigation ergonomics, layout of browser menus, etc.) thus offering a unique and optimized experience of answers to our surveys, surveys and studies.


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