Our panels

A scientific approach to sampling

We are committed to adopting the method of data collection, online or offline, qualitative or quantitative meeting your need for information (country, representativeness, sample size, particular sub-target). We adapt to your needs, not the other way around!

We guarantee access to representative, unbiasedsamples selected using proven recruitment methods. We solicit our respondents sparingly, we pay them systematically, we monitor their attendance and the quality of their answers in real time, and we guarantee them complete anonymity. This is a guarantee of the reliability of the data collected.

The countries covered by our online panels

We are able to pilot an online study in more than 50 countries around the world. Owners of our panel in France, we have been members since 2000 of a network of proven partners, working according to the same standards of quality, recruitment and questioning all over the world.

Africa South Africa Algeria Ivory Coast Ghana Morocco Nigeria Tunisia Senegal Europe Germany Austria Belgium Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Denmark Spain Estonia Finland France Greece Hungary Ireland Iceland Italy Latvia Lithuania Norway Netherlands Poland Portugal Czech Republic Romania United Kingdom Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Ukraine

America Argentina Bahamas Brazil Canada Chile Colombia United states Mexico Oceania Australia New Zealand

Asia Afghanistan Saudi Arabia Barhein Cambodia China South Korea United Arab Emirates India Indonesia Israel Japan Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Pakistan Philippines Qatar Singapore Thailand Turkey Viet Nam

Can’t find the country of your choice? Contact us as this list is updated regularly.

We always have a solution for you!

If this possibility does not exist, our local correspondents will always offer you the solution adapted to your needs(face-to-face, telephone, interviews, meetings, …) both qualitative and quantitative . Our approach is that of tailor-made, far from standardized and abstract “consumers’ studies” that are no longer sufficient.